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The Benefits of Installing Outdoor Motion Sensors

What are outdoor motion sensors? Motion sensors are devices that monitor a certain area, whether this is outside your home, business, or any other area that needs monitoring. When someone or some thing passes within their range, they automatically come on. Most of these sensors are also cameras. When they are activated, they see what is in front of them, and these images can be transmitted to a video monitor, DVD or DVR player, so you are able to watch them in real time, or at some later date when it is convenient.

There are numerous benefits of installing outdoor motion sensors around your home. In many cases, just installing these motion sensors can deter thieves, but they do so much more than that. With several of these mounted in strategic locations around your property, you can effectively see what is going on, in the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately, in today's world of economic crisis, many people have resorted to crime to get by and make ends meet. While outdoor sensors won't deter burglars from coming into your home, they certainly will be able to record pictures and video of these people, and crimes that commit. In addition, sometimes you may have other problems, such as vandalism on your property, whether it is some random person with nothing better to do, or a neighbor that has a grudge against you, etc. Having outdoor motions sensors installed can pick up these activities, and you can use them in court. Motion sensors can be placed strategically, so these vandals won't see them.

Now you may be wondering about which kind of outdoor motion sensors systems to buy. Many feel that wireless motion sensors are the way to go, because they can transmit video information directly to your monitor. They also have internal power systems, no cables to deal with, so they are hard to tamper with. Most of these systems come complete with the motion sensor, with cameras built in, and even the home base to pick up the wireless signals. Some of them even have their own DVRs to record activities that are picked up. Other systems have the ability to be connected from the recorder to a monitor, with each video being displayed on one monitor.

There are a number of online retailers that offer these outdoor sensors. You can find a variety of motion sensors products. One of the biggest concerns that people may have is cost. Some of these products can be somewhat expensive, so you have to really check around and get the most for you money. A lot has to do with how many features the package has, the amount of cameras that are included, and whether or not it includes the DVR and Monitor. Another factor that has to do with the cost is what brand the system is.

Here is an example of what kinds of outdoor sensors you can find on the market these days. The motion sensors and cameras are housed in high impact casing, and these cameras have super clear resolution. The DVR itself has is a medium compression MJPEG format, with better frame rate, but at a lower compression. This unit also includes a 250GB hard drive, and an USB port for backing up video files.


Are Security Bars A Good Idea?

There are many things that families and businesses do in order to safeguard their property. One technique that is often taken in the name of security is the addition of security bars to doors and windows. In spite of the inherent benefits of securing property, these bars often present risks of endangering the people inside.

One thing remains accurate, most burglars will keep moving rather than attempt entering into a home that has security bars on doors and windows. Home protection is the only security that these bars supply however for many, the risks involved in having these bars on windows is not worth the small measure of security that is provided. In other words, the good of these bars is really outweighed by the negatives.

A lot of people do not buy new security bars but rather rely on the same bars that have covered the windows of the home or business for many years. Some of these are rusted and nearly impossible to take away. In emergency situations, every second counts and these bars can be the very things that trap people inside a burning or flooding structure.

Security bars are no longer the cheap alternative to traditional alarm systems and monitoring services that they were touted to be in the past. In fact, more often than not the present a greater risk than they are a benefit to business and homeowners. Many larger companies offer free installation of alarm systems and alarms as well as monthly monitoring services at reasonable rates. More significantly not only are these monitoring services presented for breaks-in, but also for fire and smoke as well as panic button services.

Security bars may have had a time and place, but they have been replaced by something that is much more effectual at deterring criminals as well as something that provides a greater degree of security for the most precious assets of any home or business - the people inside. The costs concerned in monthly monitoring seem great but most will find that the value this service provides if and when it is ever called upon is well worth every penny.

Options to burglar bars that are not terribly expensive include planting thorny bushes below windows and keeping them trimmed back just enough that they do not block a view of the windows. Most burglars do not want a difficult entry point and they certainly do not want to be wounded during the process by prickly plants. Lighting is another option that is essentially less expensive than it would be to install burglar bars. Intruders do not want to be seen. If the area surrounding your home and business is well lit, it will serve as a deterrent. Investigate options such as this before resorting to security bars.

To answer the question of whether or not security bars are worth the risks for home or business protection the answer would be a loud "No!". There are other preventative measures that can be taken in order to deter intruders that present far less risk to family members and employees. These alternatives should be implemented rather than those that pose further risks to those you are trying to look after.


Distinctive Qualities to Look for When Buying a Home Fire Safe

If you are interested in purchasing a home fire safe, it is imperative that you understand that there are many distinctive qualities that you should look for to ensure that you make the most appropriate purchase for your individual needs and preferences. Fire safes are specially designed containers that are designed with highly durable materials. These materials have the capability of protecting all of the contents contained therein from fire, water, and other environmental substances for a specified amount of time. Many individuals agree that purchasing fire safes is considered one of the best investments that an individual may indulge in. Throughout this consumer guide, you will be introduced to the distinctive qualities to look for when purchasing a home fire safe.

Fire safes are designed to properly protect possessions that are considered to be highly valuable as well as documents that are considered to be irreplaceable or difficult to replace. In the United States alone, statistics indicate that a fire occurs at least one time every fifty seconds of each day. There are several types of critical files, documents and other essentials that are highly susceptible to damage should one of these fires affect your home. Examples of these files may include bank records, birth certificates, immunization records, passports, child custody documentation, medical records, insurance documentation, special contracts, various types of deeds and titles, tax records and even warranties on products that you own. A home fire safe that is designed with the highest quality has the capability of protecting these items for several hours during a fire and from temperatures that may reach up to two thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

When shopping for a home fire safe, it is important to consider the type of metal that the product is composed of. The metal must be considered "Heavy". In addition to this, the product must contain materials that are considered to be insulating in nature. The insulation provides your important documents with additional protection during the event of a fire. The materials used in the construction of fire safes are considered to be non-flammable. While it is true that every substance may burn in a fire if the exposure to high levels of heat is long enough, it is important to understand that the safes that are identified as "fireproof" are designed with the capability of withstanding the hottest temperatures that may be reached during a residential fire. The most common substances used to create these beneficial containers are called "Vermiculite" and "Perlite". When mixed together, they are highly fire-resistant.

When shopping for a home fire safe, it is also important to pay special attention to the anti-theft features and the overall size of the unit. You should carefully consider what type of items that you want to protect from emergencies such as fires as well as the amount of objects that will be placed in the device. By doing so, you will be able to appropriately select a size that is appropriate for your home's needs. It is also important to determine how solid the unit is as far as the locking mechanism is concerned as well as how many locking features are associated with the device. While being fireproof is important, it is also important that fire safes are people proof as well. By considering the factors outlined in this guide, you will be able to discover a home fire safe that is perfect for you and your home.


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